Why is Goal Setting Important?

I've often been asked, "Why is goal setting important?" It's a great question and one you may have asked yourself at some point.

Setting goals is a process that will allow you to determine what you really want to achieve in any area of your life.

Once you settle on your objectives, you can then work towards meeting your goals.

Setting and attaining goals is a process by which you can discover your passion for living and live the life of your dreams.

Areas commonly associated with goal setting are financial, career-based, health or fitness related and creating personal or professional relationships.

The Difference Between Goals and Objectives

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What are those things you're always dreaming about doing but never seem to accomplish?

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These may be achievements like "lose 10 lbs" but you never seem to make it happen. The thought lives on in the back of your mind, you dream about it, may make a few attempts towards attaining the goal but never stick with it long enough to really realize that dream.

For starters, sit down and write ten desires you have that could be considered realistic goals. Rate how motivated you are to reach these goals on a scale of 1 - 10. Choose the goal you find feel the most motivated to reach. Start a new sheet and begin to write about why this goal is desired. This will encourage you to invest more into its achievement. Understanding why the goal is important to you is crucial. In the motivation film, "The Opus" (2008), achievement expert Douglas Vermeeren explains:

"When people talk of clarity it often gets described as just writing down your goals. The most important element is often left out. That is finding your motivation. If you want to get to your goals quickly you have got to clarify on why you want it."

Vermeeren also suggests asking yourself what achieving the goal would really mean to you? What's important about reaching this goal in your life? Discover a strong and important "why" and you will discover the power you need to really pursue your goal.

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