What is Personal Development?

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Our Goal is to Provide You with the Personal Development Activities You Need to Start Your Journey Toward Self-Growth.

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Ben Sweetland taught Success is a journey, not a destination. I believe your personal development journey begins the moment you change your mind and decide to change your life.

Personal development or self-improvement is sometimes referred to casually as "self-help" however, true personal development is an intentional, lifelong process. It goes beyond helping only oneself to the development of others and includes various methods, programs, tools, techniques and periodic assessments.

To embark on the journey to answer What is personal development? means you have decided to take a non-critical, honest look at yourself, merely taking note and making observations.

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Explore who you are

Explore who you are, regardless of your age or predicament using self-discovery guides to get in touch with your desires, aspirations and ambitions. Seek to gain understanding of what your core values are, determine your level of awareness of how you think, act and feel on a daily basis.

Discovering how to express yourself through living the life you were meant to live is your contribution to the earth. Dare to try something new, take a few risks and really live!

Spend a few moments writing about who you are and what you want out of life. Personal development is a journey we can all embark upon with self-awareness and self-improvement as our destination.

Reading has played a major role in our own personal development and self help. Explore the link below to browse the type of books that support self-improvement and provide personal development activities.

Many leaders in personal development embrace the belief that your subconscious mind and your internal dialogue greatly influence and set the course for your life.

What Is Personal Development...

Goal writing, visualizing and using positively affirming statements are all tools which can help you change your thinking.

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Here are some questions to begin your exploration process.

  • Name a few things about your current job, career or education about which you feel disappointed or bored
  • Name a few things about your current living situation, home or home furnishings about which you feel disappointed or bored
  • What are some aspects of your friendships, family ties or your love life about which you feel angry, confused, bored or hurt
  • Glance over the negative statements you wrote and begin asking yourself what you would change about those areas of your life. Take each sentences or phrase and create an "I want" statement. read over these several times a day until you feel really comfortable and confident about what you want.

    Your next step will be to employ affirmations. This process may take several days or weeks. When you are ready to release the way things are currently and begin to change them, write "I have" statements for each of the "I want" statements you composed above. For example an "I have ugly bedroom furniture that doesn't match" becomes "I have a beautiful, color-coordinated, matching bedroom set."

    Use Your Imagination

    Take your new list of affirmative, faith-thoughts and read them each morning and each night. Begin to imagine how it will feel to see these changes taking place in your life. Your statements probably won't be about furniture and will likely be about your personal relationships or your financial situation or even your health. Use your imagination like you did when you were a child and begin the most important step of being grateful for these changes before they even begin. As you answer the question for yourself, What is personal development, you will become more self-aware, experience more personal growth and begin making improvements to your life you may have only dreamed of in the past.

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    Reading has played a major role in our own personal development and self help. Explore the link below to browse the type of books that support self-improvement and provide personal development activities.

    Check out these amazing books!