Weightloss Affirmations

Attack Fat Where It Really Starts -- In Your Mind...

Use Weightloss Affirmations

Your body-image will be your self-fulfilling prophecy. According to the law of attraction, you will attract to yourself the body image you envision of yourself in your mind. If your mental profile of you is of a body that can't be thin, your powerful subconscious mind will make it happen for you.

Think Fat, Be Fat, Think Thin, Be Thin!

It sounds ridiculously simple but studies on the subconscious mind and its effects on human behavior are astonishing. In the popular book I Can Make You Thin, Paul McKenna writes "We are not only what we eat, but what we think as well." He writes about Maxwell Maltz, a famous surgeon.

Maltz explored the few people for whom the life-changing plastic surgery he performed made no difference in their levels of well-being afterward. He found these people to hold the image of themselves as unworthy or hopeless and while their outside images changed drastically, their inside image stayed the same. McKenna writes that Maltz described these people as having "an impoverished self-image."

McKenna further writes that almost every person with weight issues holds a self-image of 'I will always be fat.'

Change This Pattern and See Yourself Slim

Weightloss affirmations are a powerful part of your weight-loss program and perhaps the secret to maintaining that hard-earned weight-loss. Use affirmations to lose weight by attacking the problem where it starts, in your mind. Even the experts agree, having a "fat" image will keep you fat. It's that simple.

Every time you find yourself thinking about how badly you need to lose weight, even if it's 50 times a day, change that self-talk immediately.

Begin using weight loss affirmations to counteract those negative, devastating thoughts. Make statements like "my body knows how to burn and shed excess fat" and "i have a right to be thin" and "my body knows how to be slender because health is its preferred state."

Below are links to websites with different types of affirmations to lose weight. Borrow others and then write your own to fit your unique situation.

Affirmations for Weight-loss
Weightloss Affirmations

Develop New Mental Habits

Focus Your Attention on Your Ideal Weight -- Avoid Thoughts of Your Current, Persistent Fat Nightmare

At "hypnosis.lifetips.com", they suggest a a visualization that works if you desire to lose 20 pounds or less. If you have a large amount of weight to lose, use it for each goal and then change the number you envision as you meet those weightloss goals. I use this exercise as a weight loss affirmation.

Find a quiet, comfortable spot like your bed or a lounge chair in the sun. Begin to breathe deeply and feel yourself relax all over, waiting while your release tension from your head to your toes.

Begin to visualize your exact goal weight. Say your goal weight is 120. Visualize "120" in big numbers on your bathroom scales. I do this several times a day to fifty times a day. If I'm having a hard day and feeling "fat" then I use it every time incriminating thoughts comes to my mind. This mental exercise will reinforce your goal in an easy, non-pressuring manner.

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  • I am becoming more fit every day

  • I choose to feel thin today

  • My body is burning fat this very moment

  • I am grateful for my body, am releasing the extra weight and am grateful for my weightloss

  • I choose to eat healthy and take care of myself now

  • I eat the foods that make me slender

  • Losing weight is easy for me, my body knows how to do it

  • Today I move even closer to my ideal size

  • I choose to be healthy and thinner

  • I am adding more movement to my life every day

  • My body is getting stronger, healthier and leaner every day

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