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But what actually IS a hobby? People are so busy these days it isn't even a word I hear used very often.

Here is one definition of a hobby:

a certain activity or process that gives people the opportunity to tap into their creative side, following the inspiration that creative energy brings into the accomplishment of a certain project.

Exploring a list of hobbies, turning your interests into profitable hobbies and the search to find your top hobbies can be very enjoyable and fulfilling.

Find the Hobby That's Right For You

According to Buzzle.com, Psychologists have this to say:

"having certain preoccupations (hobbies) makes your life quality grow by enhancing the level of happiness."

We humans seem to derive a strong sense of fulfillment from having successfully accomplished certain tasks. This sense of fulfillment does amazing things for us both mentally and physically.

Think about the time you cleaned and organized your garage, junk drawer, or night stand and how you felt when that overwhelming task was completed.

Now, I don't know about you, but cleaning my garage isn't exactly my hobby, so imagine what it feels like when you are doing something you really enjoy and have that same experience of a job well done.

In addition, if your job is actually doing something you really love, more like working your hobby, imagine the job satisfaction you would experience!

As this page content grows, we intend to explore profitable hobbies, provide resources to help you find your favorite pastime, give the best leisure pursuit lists available and share how people have made their hobby dreams come true!

The main categories seem to be:

Starting a hobby begins with trying a new experience

We have found several suggestions to include:

fishing, cooking, painting, taking a music lesson, writing or reading poems, playing a new game, taking a lesson in a foreign language, taking a continuing ed class at your local community college, starting a collection or taking a vacation somewhere really intriguing.

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Find the Hobby That's Right For You --Trying to Find My Hobby

Being a musician I naturally enjoy making music, listening to music, dancing to music, attending concerts and buying Cd's. After my children were born I spent less and less time at the piano. Nurturing the musician in me is like nurturing a part of my soul. I've realized that taking time for me to sing, play and even write is important to my "soul" health. I challenge you to see if you've been neglecting a part of your soul as well.

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