by Gerald

I am sitting at the deck table sharing a bottle of wine with my lady. The deck, adjoined to my open concept luxury bungalow, overlooks the ocean in West Palm Beach. On the deck is a relaxing whirlpool. There is a full retractable canopy over the deck.

Inside the centrally air conditioned bungalow there are 3 bedrooms, open bar, island in kitchen,a wall mounted big screen TV in the living room, adaptable to function together with my computer. A central sound system provides music to suit the occasion.

It is fully furnished in high quality furniture,leather sofas and indoor gym,including inspirational paintings, including inspirational paintings and high security system.

My closet has suits and clothes for all occasions
but not too many. In the front of the house lush flowers and plants give an inviting scent before I enter. Palm trees line the circular driveway.

In the driveway are my 2 cars: A 2007 sky blue Lincoln Town-car with black leather interior and all options and my 2011 dark blue Cadillac Sedan, black leather, and with all options.

My bank account supports my lifestyle and there are no financial worries with the careful administration of my money by the bank.

When I want to buy something expensive, go to nice restaurants, travel, the money is ready and waiting.

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