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Browse our recommended reading list at Books on goal setting can provide the inspiration and motivation you need to get starting meeting your personal and professional goals. Stop and Shop is a link to explore online bookstores.

A Scrapbook of Your Dreams: My Dream Book

Click Here and read about our personal dream book written to help you discover your passion for living and live the life of your dreams.

Our E-book can be downloaded instantly and will take you on a journey to determine your lifelong goals, discover your dreams and help you use goal setting to realize your ambitions. A Beautiful guided journal, My Dream Book explores every area of your life from your dream career to your dream car.

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Let these famous motivational speakers teach you how to reach your goals

Explore the books by the late Dr. Joseph Murphy, a minister who wrote numerous books on the power of prayer. While his theology differs from the doctrine of many Christian denominations, the basics of praying in faith that he teaches can be applied to your prayer life no matter what religious or doctrinal background you come from.

Dr. Murphy's books challenged me to take a hard look at the expectations we held for our futures. As we began contemplating our faith levels for a brighter tomorrow we saw great room for improvement in our stinkin' thinkin'.

Why Books on Goal Setting Are Important

More than ever before we saw the desire for growth in every area of our lives. Looking at long-held core beliefs about ourselves enabled us to begin changing our thought patterns from dominantly negative to positive. "Seek and ye shall find" and "ye have not because ye ask not" held more meaning than in the past. We began praying in faith like never before and have experienced more hope than we'd ever imagined. We think that working on your personal development or self-improvement on a daily basis through reading about the effective prayer methods as taught by Dr. Murphy and other great teachers will enrich your life as well.

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