Setting Personal Goals

Setting personal goals is like creating a blueprint for your life. If you do not determine your course, external uncaring forces will shape your life.

A large part of the reason I began using a "dream book" was because I wanted to change the path my life has followed. Instead of waiting for "your big break", create one.

It's a simple decision to make. Yet a decision that requires a strong sense of determination and a positive attitude. An attitude that says "I will persist until I succeed."

I believe that making the decision is the first step and the second is deciding what you really want. And that is scarier than it sounds as well.

What My Dream Book offers its Buyers

This E-book will literally change your life, it has ours. It creates a wonderfully unique hand-made gift for your or your loved ones.

This Ebook will take you through a questionnaire devised to:

  • help you identify your individual purpose

  • empower you to believe in your dreams

  • teach your to use affirmations, visualizations and create vision pages to impress your dreams upon your subconscious mind thus building your faith to believe for their manifestation

  • give you ample space to record your current wish list, your ideas for change, determine your reason for being and create a bucket list.

  • Dream categories include your dream car to your dream career and everything in between


    Setting Personal Goals