Self Improvement Ideas

Self Improvement Ideas -- Improve Your Life

You possess the ability to improve your life. When you are feeling stuck it is sometimes hard to admit this to yourself. But the truth is we are all responsible for our own lives and we create at least 90% of our life's experience.

At, we found a WordNet definition for self-improvement as being "the act of improving yourself" and one of its synonyms being "self-reformation".

Whether you live the lifestyle of the rich and famous or find yourself on the "down and out", there are simple and easy steps you can take today to change your life's experience.

Personal Development

A more common term, personal development, could easily be thought of as self-reformation beginning with self-improvement. The first step surely begins with self-awareness.

In order to reform yourself, you will need to see yourself as clearly and objectively as possible.


So what is your awareness level? What defeating behaviors are you aware of or are you denying? When it comes to self improvement, the better you know yourself the more power you possess to revolutionize your life. Have you examined your relationships and by that I mean explored your own behaviors in those contexts? Are you aware of any cycles or patterns that you repeat ever so often?

Journal for Personal Development

If you don't have one, get a journal today and begin observing yourself so you can get self improvement ideas. Distance yourself from "you" enough to write about your lifestyle, your habits, your relationship dynamics and where you spend the majority of your time. Try to catch yourself thinking. Are your thoughts positive or negative?

Begin with the following:

  • Assess your history of personal change-- what successful lifestyle changes have you made in the past?

  • What is your attitude towards change? Do you fear it or crave it?

  • Focus on your own behavior instead of the behavior of your partner or family members
  • Self-Improvement Ideas

  • Make changes to improve your health by making fruits and vegetables the foundation of your diet.

  • Improve your health by adding more movement into your life through activity and exercise

  • Educate yourself through reading books about personal development

  • Learn about time management, develop a system that fits your personality type and use it daily

  • Make time every day to be grateful, pursuing a relationship with your higher power

  • Get to know yourself, use a self-help tool like
  • My Dream Book to identify and define your purpose, dreams and goals

  • Determine the health factor of your relationships and learn about love, intimacy and setting boundaries

  • Explore how procrastination or perfectionism is impacting your life or sabotaging your success
  • Weightloss Affirmations to Use in Your Self-Makeover

    Revolutionize Your Life!

    Making self-improvements means assessing every major area of our lives. Many times our lack of awareness or vision is reflected in our financial condition. Making financial improvements is definitely a part of self-improvement and personal development.

    Some self-help ideas simply have to do with having fun! Laughter and relaxation are very important parts of a healthy lifestyle.

    It's easy to get caught in the serious side of life: trying to get ahead, trying to please your partner, striving to parent your children and still work and do everything else that needs to be done. Sometimes putting "do nothing" on your "to-do" list can be an important action item.

    Allow yourself at least 15 minutes a day or more to just "be".

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