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The majority of reasons for infertility may shock you. The ineffectiveness of traditional western medicine's approach to infertility will sadden you. As with most issues of health, the answers reflect to personal responsibility and focusing on the root causes not symptoms. Later on we will address this issue but for now let's look at the end result--

It's the best job, it's the hardest job...

That's right, raising children. It's the greatest investment you'll ever make, the job you'll feel the least confident about and the job that will bring the most fulfillment in your life. It has definitely impacted and changed us for the better.

Most of us, especially we women, begin dreaming of raising a family long before we even meet our mates or maybe even grow up. If you are already at the stage of life where having a family is your dream, there are many things to consider. Many people will start a family this year without giving it much thought. Some, however, will experience challenges and obstacles during this process, finding themselves wondering what possible reasons for infertility they are experiencing.

Much work has been done in the area of pregnancy, fertility and infertility. New discoveries have been made and there are many success stories of non-traditional approaches to becoming pregnant.

Here is what I have learned in a nutshell without going into too many details.

  • Change your diet! Eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds than anything else. Avoid processed foods of any kind

  • Exercise! Walk, swim or light aerobics 5 to 6 days a week. Nothing TOO strenuous like marathon training of course

  • Detox! Find a good cleansing diet or plan to rid your body of toxins.

  • Have your FSH and estradiol levels checked on day 3 of your cycle. Check your progesterone levels on Day 21 or thereabout

  • Watch what cosmetics you use! Educate yourself about parabens and other toxins found in everyday haircare, cosmetics and lotions.

  • Visit a doctor of traditional chinese medicine for herbs and acupuncture.

  • Let go of the pressure of a timeline. If you are obsessed with getting pregnant, try yoga or find something you're really passionate about to become involved in like a hobby. Stress if not your friend when you're trying to get pregnant and being obsessed with pregnancy tests so forth and so on is not helpful.

  • Use mental imagery every morning and see yourself pregnant, holding your baby etc. Feel grateful and then go on with your day. Do this again at bedtime. The rest of the time, let it go. Beware of negative thoughts telling you you won't get pregnant. Correct those with affirmative statements in your self-talk.

  • Explore all the reasons you want to get pregnant and all the reasons you don't. Be as honest with yourself as possible and write these in a diary. Do this for a month or more.
  • This information is just a place to start in your search for answers to the reasons for infertility. We list books, articles and websites we highly suggest whether you're young, old or somewhere in-between thinking about starting your dream family.

    Preparing your body to be as healthy as possible can never be started too soon. If you plan to wait until you're older, consider freezing some eggs just in case! Explore your options.

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