Personal Development Tests

For Personal-Professional Development

Using Personal Development Tests

Personal development can be supported by including various methods, programs, tools, techniques and periodic assessments in your personal-professional development plans. To engage of the process of personal development means you have decided to take a non-critical, honest look at yourself, merely taking note and making observations.

Click on the link below to see a sample personal-development plan to serve as a guide, providing the explanation and instructions you need to create your own plan in support of your dreams.

Personal Development Tests

Personal Development Tests in Self-Exploration

Explore who you are, regardless of your age or predicament using self-discovery guides to get in touch with your desires, aspirations and ambitions. Seek to gain understanding of what your core values are, determine your level of awareness of how you think, act and feel on a daily basis.

Personal Professional Development

A starting point, below is a list of activities you can begin working toward today:

  • a life-long habit of reading books, listening to audio tapes and watching DVD's by authorities in the field

  • Increase your awareness of your priorities, your values and how you could live out the ethics you want to adhere to

  • look for ways to develop your talents and potential

  • support and encourage others

  • Be open to the concept that your life can be improved in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, culture (even manners) and in your community

  • Assess your current problems (depression, anxiety, anger management, stress, addictions etc.) and make plans to face them and seek the knowledge you need to overcome them

  • Address your spiritual needs and make plans to nurture your relationship with a Higher Power

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