Personal Development Style

Personal development style is about developing your personal look based on who you are, your tastes and preferences mixed with common sense fashion. Somewhere, tucked away inside, you may have a dream about looking a certain way or expressing yourself through your clothing and accessories.

Certainly personal development style is about becoming aware of the image you are currently presenting to the world. Does it express the real you or tell others that you're lacking in self-confidence, time management skills or even intelligence? Determine what your outfit tells you about how you feel about you today.

Today as you go out into the world, take a good look at the people you encounter. Get in touch with the value judgments you make about them based on their appearance. Yes, you'll likely be disgusted with your prejudices. But instead of focusing on what a snob you may seem to yourself at the moment, think about how the attire some people are wearing probably doesn't reflect who they really are. Envision certain people with a different presentation and how that "look" would elicit a different response from you; a more positive response.

My Dream Style

There is something that you will do every day of your life. You did it today; you did yesterday and you will do it tomorrow. You will do this even when you forget to brush your teeth or are sick in the hospital- you will get dressed!

This is an area that few people take the time to explore. The most this exercise could ever take would be one day; just one day out of your life and I feel confident you’ll learn something about yourself that will be helpful for the rest of your life.

If you have a lot of clothes in your closet, create five totally different styles of outfits to try on. If you need to go to a store, pick one that has a variety of designers like Macy’s or Dillard’s.

Again, pick out at least five totally different looks to try on. Take a friend along to take pictures and allow yourself to see how you feel in each of those “looks.” Search the internet, visiting sites like WikiHow.

Which Style Fits You Best?

  • Romantic? Modern? Classic?

  • Chic? Conservative? Hippie?

  • Loud? Professional? Preppy? Glamorous?

  • Which style was the most flattering? What colors have you been told you look good in but are afraid to wear? When you think of style, who do you think of: (Ex. Audrey Hepburn, George Clooney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Denzel Washington, Jada Pinkett Smith, Harrison Ford?

    If you love designer clothes but choose not to spend that kind of money, make a list of those items and search for those styles at stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory and Ross Dress For Less.

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    My Vow for Style

    Here are Heather's suggestions from the website, Style Upgrade. I find them very helpful and suggest reviewing these tips often. Copy and paste them into Microsoft Word or Notepad and then print them out. Put them on the back of your closet door or on the wall of your dressing room so that you are reminded of the changes you'd like to make in your own personal style to reflect a renewed fashion sense.

  • I will never wear something that I take the price tags off of right before an important event

  • If I have doubts about an out-fit, I won’t wear it

    I will remember that the more skin my outfit shows, the less empowering the outfit will be for me

  • I will leave all price tags on impulse buys so they can be returned instead of shoved to the back of the closet

  • I will release my old and unworn outfits to charity when they need to be stop working

  • I will remember that clothes that are too tight make me look larger than clothes that fit

  • I will be more concerned about how something fits than I am about what size it is

  • I will only wear outfits that make me feel great!

  • Whether we like to admit it or not, we are influenced by the way we feel about our "look." I remember when I was in college learning that it was best to dress comfortable before a test but to make sure it was something I felt attractive in as it would affect my performance. Never forget how powerful our subconscious minds are and leaving the house already with a feeling of "I don't look so great today" may become a self-fulfilling prophecy of "I won't do so well today."

    I remember when I was in graduate school, a member of the human resources team at the university told us a true story. They were working with a man, a brilliant engineer, who couldn't get a job. Everyone knew the problem was his appearance and hygiene but no one had the guts to tell him. Finally someone realized that they were no doing him a favor by keeping the truth from him. As gently as possible, they shared the truth with him and made suggestions for ways he could improve his chances for landing a job. The man was quite embarrassed and left the office quiet and rather humiliated. However, he did make the changes the person suggested and was then able to find employment.

    Today when you get dressed, celebrate who you are. Wear your favorite color or go buy yourself a new article of clothing to replace something you wear often which reflects someone other than who you want to be.

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