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The inspirational weight loss story of The Biggest Loser 2008 - Michelle Aguilar...

As a startling chill descended upon my home, I began making preparations for the first fire of the winter season. Rummaging through the newspaper pile that had been collected for just such an occasion, my plan to was to start a fire quickly. I became distracted however by the print and began glancing over the many stories, ads and highlights. I found and skimmed one about a man who recovered from lung cancer using phytoplankton and thought "Oh, I should cut this out and read it later." I grabbed some scissors and quickly finished that job and then determined to resist further distractions and proceed with crumpling up the papers, placing them underneath the firewood.

But just as I was about to do that I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at a picture of someone I recognized, or ALMOST recognized. I read the name. I KNOW this name I thought. It mentioned Fort Worth. I used to LIVE in Fort Worth.

I stared a moment longer and was taken back to a baby shower that I was given almost 9 years ago. I remembered a young girl, eighteen years of age at the most, whose face was that of a beautiful Latin angel and whose quiet presence, stylish clothing and amazingly fashionable eye wear struck and impressed me.

There was only one problem in my mind. Shelly, as her family called her, was overweight and probably since I had never been happy with my own weight, I thought to myself, "Oh how sad it is to see such a beautiful girl who is already overweight at such a young age." I feared that her unusual loveliness would never be seen, remaining forever hidden behind the intricate, multi-layered identity of "fat".

My thoughts returned to the photograph upon which I gazed in awe; a slender young woman with the face that I could only describe as that of a beautiful Latin angel.

The newspaper article gave her name and began, ".... of Fort Worth was crowned the winner of The Biggest Loser, NBC's weight-loss reality show, on Tuesday..... (she) 26, snagged the $250,000 prize and will star in a milk mustache ad. She lost 110 pounds, 45 percent of her body weight, to weigh in at 132."

My eyes filled up with tears of joy for her and her family. I thought about Shelly's background: a broken home with seemingly endless personal struggles; her once broken relationship with her mom (my sweet close friend and former housemate), and also how I had perceived her as having a lack of dating or social relationships expected for a young woman of her age.

But here she was smiling at me from the newspaper, looking as gorgeous as I knew she would without that excess baggage. I excitedly "googled" her name and found an article which gave this quote from her interview....

"Staying in the mental capacity of saying 'You're strong enough and you're worth it' is a lot harder than even doing the physical workout..."

I pondered her words. I felt grateful and happy for her and rather profoundly I realized that my friend's daughter has learned something invaluable, perhaps even more so than just how to lose weight.

She has learned that great things really do begin with sometimes seemingly impossible dreams, and that with persistence, determination and an eye-on-the-prize faith, we really can have what we expect and affirm for ourselves.

Yes, with a bright future that looks promisingly full, Shelly is slender and gorgeous NOW.

But I bet she would say in retrospect, that her life really changed that moment she imagined herself thin and successful. The moment she decided to believe in and follow her dreams....

The Biggest Loser 2008 Winner - Michelle Aguilar

Shelly's Mom talks about her time on Biggest Loser Families

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