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>In this inspirational story for family find out what brought a mother and daughter back together after six years of not speaking to each other.
The Biggest Loser

An Inspirational Story for Family Resolve and Determination to Never Give Up on Your Loved Ones

While building a fire, I was crumpling newspapers and found myself distracted from the job by various interesting articles. I had told myself to quit looking at the print and just get the papers under the logs!...

But just as I was about to do that...
I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at a picture of someone I recognized or almost recognized. I read the name. I know this name, I thought. It mentioned Fort Worth. I used to live in Fort Worth. I stared a moment longer and was taken back to a baby shower that I was given almost nine years ago. I remembered a young girl, around eighteen years of age at the most, whose face was that of an angel and whose quiet presence, stylish clothing and fashionable eye-wear struck and impressed me.

There was one thought that passed through my mind. Shelly, as her family called her, was overweight, and since I had never been happy with my own weight, I thought Oh, how sad it is to see such a beautiful girl who is already overweight at such a young age.

I feared that her unusual loveliness would never be seen, remaining forever hidden behind the intricate, multi-layered identity of " fat".

My thoughts returned to the photograph upon which I gazed in awe— slender young woman with a look on her face that I could only describe as exuberant.

Then my thoughts went to my own feelings. Four years later I had perhaps been angry at Shelly or at best disappointed.

When her mother had left her dad, she blamed her mom and would have nothing to do with her. It seemed so unfair to me. It seemed to me that her Mom had always been the one there for her, not her Dad. After I regained my composure, I read on.

The newspaper article gave her name then began, “ … of Fort Worth was crowned the winner of The Biggest Loser, NBC’s weightloss reality show, on Tuesday…(she), 26, snagged the $250,000 prize and will star in a milk mustache ad. She lost 110 pounds, 45 percent of her body weight, to weigh in at 132.” My eyes filled up with tears of joy for her and her family. I thought about Shelly’s background: the challenges her family faced, resulting in a broken home. At times she may have felt her life was filled with seemingly endless personal struggles. I was plain shocked.

But what I soon found out was just as shocking... her Mom had been on the show?

See in a way I was a part of her life. I was there when a relationship with her mom, Renee, a close friend of mine, became something she avoided. When her mom separated from her dad, she came to live with me and my family. I was so saddened by the way the children all seemed to turn against their mom as if they had felt obligated to choose their dad's "side".

Time went by and I didn't see any evidence of her children gaining understanding as to why she had to leave. I often prayed for them but I lost hope as it seemed they were all in denial about the serious problems the marriage suffered; how their mom had suffered in the marriage.

Spending a seemingly unusual amount of time at her dad's house, I recalled that I had perceived Shelly as lacking in dating or social relationships one would normally expect for a young woman of her age.

But here she was smiling at me from the newspaper, looking more gorgeous than I’d ever seen her. I excitedly googled her name and found an article, which gave this quote from her interview:

Staying in the mental capacity of saying you’re strong enough and you’re worth it is a lot harder than even doing the physical workout …

If Renee and Michelle could reconcile, I am convinced anyone can.

I pondered her words. I felt grateful and happy for her, and rather profoundly I realized that I had once again underestimated God. The healing of Renee's relationship with her daughter had begun to look hopeless to me without me even realizing it. And I was reminded that what may appear to me be a seemingly impossible dream does not appear that way to God. And that through prayer with persistence, determination, and an eye-on-the-prize faith, we really can have have hope in any situation.

After I wrote about this event I contacted her mom and here was what she had to say

Yes it was a crazy adventure... I will have to send you a picture of us now. Who would have ever thought… God is really amazing!

Also, here is what she said in an Exclusive Interview: which demonstrates the power of reconciliation with family.

“We both needed to make drastic changes in our lives,” she told BuddyTV today. “She asked if I would join her in trying out and I knew it was an answer to my prayers!” The two had a rocky relationship and even went without speaking for 6 years prior to appearing on the show. “It has changed our lives 100%,” Renee said of being part of The Biggest Loser. “We were able to not only reconnect but rebuild, encourage one another, cry, laugh, sweat and celebrate our lives together!”

This free inspirational story was written by Lisa S. Boyd, author of My Dream Book: Journal to Discover Your Destiny.
Inspirational Story for Family

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