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I have an inspirational short story I want to share with you about friendship, family and the power of love. This inspirational story for family will give you hope during those times when you may feel like your family might not always be there for you when you need them.

Last year my birthday fell at a time when life had dealt me some tough blows. Recently separated from the man I thought was the love of my life, I found myself working on my birthday. I grabbed my mail on the way out the door and headed to my classroom.

After arriving, I started opening letters and came upon a birthday card which quickly brought me to tears.

On the front were two little girls close to the same age and one was whispering in the other girls ear. It read: "When I was a little girl I had the greatest friend…And I got to keep her for life."

I still remember when Mashelle and I met. I had tiptoed into her bedroom, and she smiled at me from behind her crib bars like no one had ever smiled at me before. When she looked at me that day, there was a spark of joy I’d never experienced in an adult’s eyes. I was probably not even four years old, and she was less than year. We have literally been friends ever since.

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I’ve reminisced on that moment many times over the years as our lives have taken some great twists and some very difficult turns. We were privileged to have had the chicken pox together, the time spent in matching nightgowns looking for Santa each year and making mud pies.

When life has been overwhelming, "Shell" has always been someone I could call and say "can you pray for me?" and the power of those prayers has gotten me through many a bind. Sometimes it has been just a quick text message with a "I got your back" response. Her life is an inspirational story all its own and she continues to inspire me to believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, and in the power of healing love.

Because the amazing thing about our friendship is the unconditional love and respect that we have for each other. I know that I can depend upon her love and her faith in me and I return the same for her.

To this very day, when she smiles at me my spirits lift, and no matter what my circumstances, I am taken back to a moment spent with an amazingly joyful toddler whose lifetime of friendship has brought me so much happiness.

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