Inspirational Real Life Story On Learning to Speak Another Language

An inspirational real life story about asking for what you want to support your dreams...

During a career change in my early thirties, I realized I needed to learn Spanish in order to work with Spanish-speaking people. I studied with software and tapes that friends had let me borrow. I bought a few books. My progress was O.K. but I wasn’t speaking Spanish and I certainly was not understanding those speaking Spanish.

Then one day it occurred to me, “What I really need is a friend who doesn’t speak English so that I can learn to actually communicate.” But I didn’t know any Spanish-speaking people who didn’t speak English at the time. I encountered them at the store and so forth but either I didn’t meet them in a social context or they spoke English which I knew would never work because we would invariably end up speaking English.

So I prayed and asked for someone to come into my life that was Spanish-speaking only. I purposefully tried to believe it would be possible somehow and feel expectant for an answered prayer.

One day I noticed two women moving up on the third floor. I heard them speaking Spanish. But I thought it might be because they didn’t have any English-speaking friends with them. Later I noticed that they never spoke English.They were about my age, looked friendly and so eventually I got up the nerve to say “Hola.” There are no words to describe how nervous I was and yet the barrier was broken and a relationship began.

To make a long story short, I eventually became roommates and shared an apartment with those Spanish-speaking neighbors for several years. After they moved back to Mexico, I went to visit them several times. Can you imagine how much that experience improved my Spanish? In fact, it changed my life forever.

I eventually was hired to teach bilingual 3rd grade, passed the teacher's state exam in Spanish and taught high school Spanish I and II. Studying Spanish is a hobby and passion of mine to this day! I've thoroughly enjoyed my experiences and relationships with people from places like Mexico, Guatemala and Puerto Rico, to name a few.

I've learned that a dream can be anything you desire to have or achieve. In addition to attaining money, fame or success, it is also experiencing a rich, fulfilling life in areas of the heart and home.

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