Learn How to Become Rich!

Explore The Secrets of the Richest People in the World

Have you wondered how to become rich or even considered that you could become rich someday? Have you ever explored what your core beliefs about wealth are?

Life will reward you when you believe and accept success as your Divine right --Joseph Murphy, author of Your Infinite Power to Be Rich

It may be puzzling as to why some people start with nothing and go on to become rich and others can't seem to get ahead? The truth is, becoming rich IS something people learn to do and there are actually very good reasons TO do it. If this sounds like nonsense, study the universal laws of attraction and see if the concept of "think rich, be rich" will start to make sense.

Explore the secrets of the richest people in the world

How To Become Rich

In "The One Minute Millionaire" by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen, they share their dream of the "enlightened millionaire." They demonstrate by example and through teaching how to become rich. They believe that this is the kind of millionaire the world needs; the kind that seeks to improve not only their lives, but the lives of others.

Take time to explore the secrets of the richest people and learn the meaning of success.

Discover how to attract prosperity instead of lack into your life. Most importantly, allow yourself to dream because it all starts with the dream. Desire is the starting point to becoming financially secure.

In order to become rich, you must begin to think rich

This is one of the secrets of the richest people. They work with what someone people refer to as the universal laws of attraction. Ever heard the old saying "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it?" Rich people expect to make money. They are rich in their minds before it even happens.

Explore the Science of Getting Rich from the teachers featured in "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. They are offering an incredible special at this time on products offering the information you need to turn around your current financial condition.

There is a freedom that comes with having abundance and living with an abundance mentality

A rich lifestyle lived from this perception enables the wealthy to combat fear or greed that some fear will come with wealth. Some people become rich but never develop the wealth mentality and therefore never see themselves as rich, never enjoy their wealth.

The enlightened wealthy know that he or she can never out give the resources of wealth on the earth. They are not afraid to give and to give generously of the financial blessings they have received. They only see abundance and only experience abundance.

The first secret to becoming rich is to make the decision

  • Decide that it is permissible for you and that you ARE going to become wealthy. Write it down in contract form and review it on a daily basis.

  • Another secret to becoming rich is making a commitment to educate yourself about becoming wealthy.

  • Begin learning the secrets of the richest people in the world. It has been a common belief that the wealthy earn their money in a dishonest way, but if you study the character and lives of the majority, you'll learn just the opposite and what the true meaning of success is.

  • Avoid get-rich-quick-schemes. Some endeavors do take off very quickly once they are launched, but don't kid yourself, a lot of time and thought took place first. As Hansen and Allen wrote in "The One Minute Millionaire", first we must "be" - that means we develop the mindset of a millionaire and discover our driving purpose and passion; then we must "do"- "do what you love, add enormous value, and leverage."

  • Finally, you will "have" - you will begin accumulating the wealth you've dreamed of.

  • So when exploring how to become rich, explore the four areas Hansen and Allen talk about. Here are the areas in which people create wealth and a simple explanation about those ventures:

    1. Simply saving and investing

    Simple example: Find an account or investment opportunity where you can receive 12.17% interest.

    Place $1000 in this account then add an additional $1,000 each year. At the end of 40 years you'll have accumulated $100,000,000 (one million dollars).

    If you can save at least $83 a month and never touch it for the next 40 years, you will have a nice chunk of change at the end. In order to save $83 a month, you need to save a little under $3 a day. If you're in your twenties, $83 a month may be all you can afford. But imagine what you may be able to save by the time you're in your 40's?

    So even if you work in a fast food restaurant for the next 5 years and gradually work your way up to management, your ability to save will increase. So the possibility of retiring with a million dollars in your savings account isn't really so far out of reach, even if you're not a professional who earns high wages.

    If you set your goal and live by the rule to never touch it, you WILL have a nice savings upon retirement. And really, who can't put back $3 a day that is working full-time?

    2. Becoming involved in Business (marketing products, ideas or providing services) Research where people are making money in business. Explore what types of products, ideas or services are in the highest demand.

    3. Using Real Estate: So many people have made millions in real estate and there are a lot of good books and programs out there teaching the ins and outs of property investment. I once knew a Realtor who moved every six months. I asked him why and he replied that it was part of his plan to accumulate wealth. He always bought a house for a really good price, making improvements to it so that it sold for quite a bit more than he paid for it. He said it was working for him. Well, I'm sure there are betters way of investing in real estate but still, the man WAS doing something to increase his income through buying and selling real estate. In addition to the many books available today, websites like http://www.creonline.com/ are a great introduction to the field of real estate without spending a dime.

    4. Internet: Infopreneurs are having amazing success online

    Lots of people are making money via the internet today. Some excellent resources for investigating how are books like "Starting an Online Business for DUMMIES" by Belew and Elad. Visit SBI!'s site and learn about ebusiness and website building.

    Ask yourself which of these areas appeals to you and begin to research them. Learn everything you can, believing that you are teachable, and then commit yourself to a goal. The only sure way to miss reaching your goal is to quit pursuing it.

    Sit down and begin to write My ideal situation five years from now. Let yourself dream big. Imagine your home, your career, your family, your lifestyle and even include hobbies or things you want to learn.

    Even though you may have no idea of where to start, just pretend for a moment that the information is within you and start a list of simple steps you can take toward making these situation take place. You are not setting anything in stone, just brainstorming a simple plan which you can edit at any time. Work on your plan each day, adding or making changes as you see fit.

    Begin to Imagine how it could unfold and become reality. Expect information to come to you to help you clarify your plan. Use your imagination on a daily basis. Find out what steps other people took to make their dream scenario come true. Believe it is possible. Expect it to happen and expect the knowledge you need to come to you. Give thanks for every ounce of progress you see yourself making.

    Some people really do decide to become rich. Some people really discover the true meaning of success which includes wealth but goes way beyond.

    So what are you going to do? Settle for what you have, or dare to follow your dreams for more? We hope that you will begin to educate in the art of how to become rich!

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