Your Personal Goal Setting Tool Box

Your personal goal setting tool box is here for your use in personal goal setting, achieving goals, and for both long and short term goals planning. With the right tools at your disposal, achieving your goals becomes a simple, user-friendly process!

One of the issues that comes up frequently when running sales training seminars is the thorny issues of goals and goal setting. In my experience, few people seem to set any goals at all and even fewer stick to them! -- By Gavin Ingham

Keep It Simple

When a person sews, they need the right tools along with the right pattern. They have an image either in their mind or on the pattern package. They know what they want the end result to be.

As they begin sewing the pieces together, following that pattern, they may decide to make a few alterations here or there to improve the design. If they veer too much from the pattern however, the outfit can end up not fitting or may be out of proportion.

Use Tried and True Expert Guidelines

Following a simple pattern with just a few adjustments can result in a fantastic looking creation which can be worn proudly. Much like the life you create when you dream, reach for using the right tools and achieve your goals - the life of your dreams. The life you've been dreaming of is achieved on a daily basis as you follow the road-map you've created for your life and meet each goal you've set

How Serious Are You About Reaching Your Goals?

Are you serious enough to set aside 20 minutes a day to review your goals each morning or night, check on your progress and amend a few plans? Making a consistent daily time schedule is the first tool in goal-setting. You will be amazed at how these few minutes a day will change your life forever.

"If you can be absolutely comfortable with not knowing who you are, then what's left is who you are--the Being behind the human, a field of pure potentiality rather than something that is already defined... Give up defining yourself -- to yourself or to others. You won't die. You will come to life."
--from A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

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Personal Goal Setting

You have a personal goal setting tool box which you can utilize at ANY time. These tools include but are not limited to:

hope, faith, determination, courage, confidence, intuition, creativity, teach-ability, curiosity, and resolve. Dreaming is a powerful tool in achieving your goals. It must start with a dream. The dream may seem outrageous and you may not have any idea how you would ever accomplish it.

Your first powerful tool in your personal goal setting tool box is imagining the achievement of that dream as if it has already happened. Daydream until you can see it fully in your mind, with all its glorious details. Do not think about how you will achieve the goal, only what it will look like.

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