Goal Setting Activities For Kids

Goal Setting Activities for Kids

”Learning how to set and achieve a goal is perhaps the single most important thing your child can learn to prepare for school, adulthood, and for future employment. The more adept your child is at understanding this important life skill, the more options he or she will have throughout their life!”- Gary Ryan Blair.

Let your child work with you to decide what they would like to achieve. Their desires may be different from your but remember that your objective is to help your child learn to set goals and use goal setting activities for kids. Listen for statements your child makes like "I want to win the yearbook cover contest this year." This opens the door for goal setting activities for kids. Learning to set and attain goals is an important life skill parents and educators can impart to their children.

Work with your child to identify one goal they'd like to set for themselves. Make sure it's a realistic objective so they have a positive and successful experience. Early success with goal-setting builds a sense of mastery, which makes it easier for your child to set and reach more challenging goals in the future.

Write across the top of a large piece of paper, “My Road to success by ___________"

Write a sentence stating and describing the goal. Describe specific details. Instead of writing "I want to make good grades" say "I want to make 90's or above in English and 80 or above in math."

Draw a visual image like footprints or a ladder with spaces to write on each step. The footprints or ladder will lead to your goal and so write the word START at the bottom and and fun word at the top that means you made it!

Each step he or she can take toward reaching the goal should be planned out thoughtfully and carefully on a scratch piece of paper.

Goal Setting Activities for Kids