Goal Based Ethics

What are goal based ethics? It almost sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it? Perhaps ethics can change depending on what you need to accomplish?

In order to examine ethical issues, it is first necessary to define ethics.

Today, we regard ethics as a "rational process founded on certain principles." --Bilal Azmat at www.articlegardens.com

He continues that a definition existed in ancient Greece where ethics in theory considered what was good for both the individual and their society.

Does the End Justify the Means?

Goal based ethics are focused on the consequences of decision making or problem solving. Some have defined goal based ethics as the end justifying the means. This is a strong point of concern and consideration for businesses.

Ethics based on business goals do not have to be either "good" or "right" - they can be both! Ethic-related issues seem to be growing at a fast rate in today's world of business with its volatile economy.

According to More-for-small-business.com, the author shares about recent cases demonstrating these escalating issues.

Examples they include are an analyst who has been fired for personal trading or an employee is charged with embezzlement."These cases support the need to develop goal based ethics policies and practices, along with measures to assess that those policies are being followed."

When it comes to business ethics, it often boils down to just every day decisions that have to be made. And sometimes those choices are between two "right" instead of good versus right. Questions they ask, for example, do you charge one customer more than another because the one is more challenging to work with?

A good goal-based ethics theory needs to be in place for business owners.

Why Develop Ethics Based On Your Company Goals?

  • Promotes better relationships Within Your organization

  • Sets the standards for acceptable activities and behaviors in the workplace

  • Creates a model for professionalism and maturity in the workplace

  • Helps establish your organization's identity

  • Ethics consider the common values lending toward a unified mission statement

  • Goal-supported ethics are focused on the consequences of decision making or problem solving.

    We do believe that the end justifies the means but only in the light of reaching the ethical objectives needed to attain your companies goals. Always, ethics are involved and when adhered to will help determine the means to reach the desired end.

    Goal Based Ethics

    Company Goal Setting