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When I try to describe my impression of Dr. Richard Schulze, no other words seem to peg him like “health maniac”. This free inspirational story is from my book, My Dream Book: Journal to Discover Your Destiny published by Tate Publishing.

I’ve watched videos taken live of his “health crusades”. When it comes to approaching health he holds nothing back and believes that we alone are ultimately responsible for the way we feel.

See, Richard Schulze wrote a book titled, There Are No Incurable Diseases. A statement about health doesn’t get much bolder than that! I’ve read the book and it perhaps the biggest challenge I’ve considered yet in my 48 years here on earth.

Considered an authority on natural healing, Richard’s parents both died of heart attacks before he even reached fifteen years of age. By age sixteen, he was diagnosed himself with a genetic heart deformity considered incurable and was told by the age of twenty he would be dead. When the young Schulze overheard of patient dying who had just undergone a surgery similar to his scheduled surgery, he left the hospital and sought other means to heal his heart condition.

And Richard Schulze did just that! After curing himself without surgery through drastic changes made in his lifestyle and alternative medicine, he began a lifelong quest to help others.

He teaches on the use of herbs and the basics of natural healing to empower people to help themselves heal. He created the American Botanical Pharmacy, and sells “industrial strength, pharmaceutical, botanical extracts.”

His company also sells books, videos, and audiotapes teaching people how to take control of their health to create healing miracles. Considered a radical and even an extremist, testimonials by his patients indicate his programs really may work. He believes that “All disease is caused by some type of blockage, whether it’s lymphatic, digestive, nutritional, elimination, emotional, whatever. Free the blockage, let the energy flow, and healing begins immediately.” For more information and inspiration, visit Dr. Schulze’s website at

Reverend George Malkmus wrote the book Why Christians Get Sick after a tumor was found and later dissolved in his colon. Pioneers out there, like Dr. Richard Schulze and Reverend George Malkmus, who have had some amazing healings during their lifetimes and consequently have made bold statements about the healing abilities of the human body.

He had watched his mom die of colon cancer and was convinced the chemo and radiation treatments had only contributed to her horrible death. Also, as a minister of twenty years, he had been at the bed-side of many of his church members and watched their devastating experiences with the traditional treatment of cancers.

He had seen some of the most dedicated Christians, in spite of the prayers of many, grow worse and die when following traditional western medicine practices. He felt a lot of pressure to take the same route but instead turned to a friend, an evangelist in Texas named Lestor Roloff for help.

Brother Roloff was known for being a “health-nut.”

Roloff ’s advice sounded strange but Malkmus decided to give it a try. He chose not to go the medical protocol, but instead change his diet radically to raw fruits, veggies and drink lots of freshly squeezed juice. Malkmus writes,

Overnight I changed from a meat-centered, cooked and processed food diet with plenty of sugar desserts, to an all-raw diet with lots of carrot juice. I stayed on this total raw diet for approximately one year. I didn’t eat any cooked food during that year … just raw fruits, raw vegetables and one to two quarts a day of freshly extracted, raw carrot juice.

In less than one year, every physical problem I had been experiencing also disappeared!

Perhaps the biggest challenge to achieving your health dreams is in the way you were raised, the habits you’ve formed, and a possible lack of knowledge in alternative or holistic medicine. Creating good health is a lifetime endeavor. Making small changes in your lifestyle can help you improve and reach your health goals.

I believe dreams are powerful and that one of the keys to realizing your health dreams is convincing your subconscious mind that not only can you achieve your dreams but determine that you will do so.

May you prosper and be in health!

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