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Affirmations: So What Is An Affirmation Anyway?

An faith-thought can be a very powerful tool in changing your life for the better when used properly. First you must open up to the potential of having what you truly desire.

Many people reflect, at some point in their lives, realizing they have never felt as good or as deserving of the good things of life like success the way they thought other people were. Using affirmations to build your self-esteem, developing your love relationship with yourself can be very effective in retraining the mind from negative self-talk to positive. If we want to change our lives, we have to change our minds first. A simple affirmation can become a powerful tool for self-revolution.

People talk about wealth affirmations in certain circles and the word did not have any real meaning for me for a long time. Finally I took some time to explore what they are really all about.

I personally have found affirmations tremendously helpful

The hardest part of using them is getting organized about the way I use them. More about that later....

Here are some descriptions that may be helpful:

  • An admission that something, which may not yet be visible or verifiable, is true;
  • An absolute judgment;
  • A statement affirming the existence of the truth of something hoped for;
  • A disciplined application to focusing your intentions and creating prayers that get results BASED on the position that your faith-thoughts and prayers create your destiny;
  • An affirmation is used with as much feeling as one can muster thus backing the affirmation with feeling which gives it more power to flourish.

An Affirmation For Peace:

    I release my self-doubts. I let go of feeling guilty because I forgive myself and am forgiven. I see my fears and I let them go. I am confident and open to Divine Guidance which always points me in the right direction.

Some powerful free affirmations are one-liners. They are easy to remember and can be said (self-talk) all throughout the day:

  • Sudden Wealth
  • My body burns excess fat and keeps only what it needs to be healthy
  • I live in abundance
  • I am naturally thin
  • My God gives me the power to get wealth without any sorrows attached
  • God dwells in me, so a treasure house of unlimited riches is within me
  • My children are protected at all times

My first introduction to affirmations, declarations or positive confessions, as they have sometimes been called, focused on prosperity and experiencing abundance.

Several websites offer free affirmations and give excellent overviews of prosperity affirmations, the philosophy behind such a notion and much more.

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List of Positive Affirmations


I rely on Divine inner guidance as waves of creativity flow into everything I set my hand to do.


My endeavor goes beyond anything I could have ever imagined and touches countless people with encouragement and inspiration to seek a better way of life.


I may be an ordinary human being but extraordinary things come from the Divinity within me to the world around me.


Good and marvelous things are coming to me today.


Today I am aware of the Presence of the Holy Spirit/God/Universe and put complete faith in this Power to give me Divine Guidance.


The notion that changing your thinking can change your reality may sound strange and be quite a paradigm shift to make, but even scientists have noticed what we expect and assume to be true can make changes in our very biochemistry. For example, it is an accepted fact that when people get depressed or anxious in times of stress their immune system become depressed as well. So it seems that the processes of the mind affect the body.

Think about those instances when a person gains just enough information to know that they may get fired or laid off. Often times their stomach will become "tied up in knots" and they will either not be able to eat or find themselves running to the bathroom frequently. Most of us have had this experience. So using affirmations to change our mental attitude from one of fear to optimism can seriously impact what is going on in our bodies.

The Secret to Success in Using Affirmations

When speaking affirmations either aloud or with your inner-voice, use such imagination that you actually change the way you feel. Feel as if the desired result has already come to pass so strongly that you are able to experience the joy of having obtained what you desire. This takes some practice but it is very powerful.

We suggest that as you use our free affirmations, you also visualize mentally the outcome you want and need.

Use first person "I" statements when you use this technique. Make a strong commitment to fight doubt, fear and despair. Affirmations are used as a tool in the fight against cancer.

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