I will live the life of my dreams; embracing gratitude as my best friend, keeping alive the song of faith in my heart and endeavoring to inspire weary travelers today, 'Lift your head a little higher, fly on the wings of hope to see beyond the trampled path that the sky is our only limit!' -- LSB

Inspirational Stories: Real People - Real Dreams - Real Success!

Motivating, inspirational stories from real people who triumphed over adverse circumstances, obtaining success.

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Free Inspirational Story to inspire you to better health.

Read this free inspirational story to create hope and courage to achieve your health dreams.

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Communicating with God. We believe all dreams come from a Divine Source.

Communicating with God is possible and empowering. These prayers and affirmations can help connect with a power greater than ourselves and release the Divine faith and power within.

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The top hobbies that people dream of and how to make those dreams come true

Explore the top hobbies that people dream of and how to make those dreams come true

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Inspirational Story for Family

Inspirational story for family problems that seem unresolvable.

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Build your dream car online using our information, resources and links.

Build your dream car online using our information, resources and links.

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Forgiveness - why bother, they don't deserve it anyway!

I've read that holding onto resentment and waiting for vengeance is like the man who picks up a hot coal to throw at the one resented. The man is the one who gets burned, not the person he seeks revenge upon.

Holding on to self blame and hatred results in self-destructive behaviors that send spiraling deeper into our addictions. Sadly, we often take others with us.

I've experienced a better way; a path to freedom: humbling myself, asking for forgiveness from those I've wronged and choosing to forgive those who have hurt me. This is a pathway for peace and serenity.

"Learning to forgive ourselves and others will increase our capacity for love, compassion and understanding". -- Lori Lanpher

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Miracle By Chance

©Copyright - by Jeannette Gardner (December, 2007) A Story of Love Destined to Be! I wrote this true story hoping that there is hope for people to find

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an mba life sucess become a famous person..

I am currently pursuing my btech... my life became upside down as I entered btech...I wanna crack it (tests) - I wanna study and answer all the people

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Big house with Big car

I want to have financial freedom and have a big house and a big car... Going on a world tour for one month with my family...Giving huge amounts to charity

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To a teacher

Why i want to become a teacher? It is because I love working with kids and it has been what I've wanted to be since I can remember

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To become a cosmetologist

My dream job is a dream that i have wanted to do ever sense I was little. I love hair! and think that it's really sad when people have cancer because

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Survived Tragic Car Wreck

One morning, in 2007, I was in a bad car wreck with my family and my baby sitter... We were all on our way to take my mom to work and my mom told my

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To Know Financial Peace and Prosperity

To know what it's like to have money to buy the things I need and never having to ask others outside of God... To be able to travel and take vacations

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I am sitting at the deck table sharing a bottle of wine with my lady. The deck, adjoined to my open concept luxury bungalow, overlooks the ocean in West

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To become a successful vocal artist


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To Make My Life Happy and Profitable

My desire is to help others and at the same time help myself

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Amazing Story of Divine Intervention

I have been so blessed by Katie's Web site. The link to expected end ministries links to the story of her life. Visit for a nice dose of inspiration today!

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My Prayer

Heavenly Father, Almighty God,

You are the Sovereign Lord and I honor you and acknowledge you as the Living Creator.I surrender my will to yours, for your ways are higher than mine and Your love, perfect.

Please reveal your destiny for my life, showing me the path that I am now to take.

Forgive me of all my iniquities, those mistakes I willfully chose to make in spite of knowing right from wrong. Heal the deep wounds those sins have left and transform my life.

Remove all generational curses I inherited and any that I have brought upon myself.

Transform me, filling me with Your Holy Spirit and grant me great favor with God and men.

Deliver me from my present troubles. Restore to me all and more that has been stolen from me or lost.

Remove from me my shame and replace it with respect. Give me a place and a work to do in Your Kingdom.

Fill my life with love and joy. Reveal to me the Secrets You long to share.

May my soul prosper and good health abound. May I walk with the Redeemed, counted in their number.

Let nothing and no one stand in the way of our relationship.

In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ,


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Inspirational Short Story for friends or family to stay connected in hope.

Inspirational short story about the power of friendship, family and love.

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Explore Personal Goal Setting and Self Improvement at One Stop Dream Shop

A Goal Setting resource with articles, education and proven products and services to support making your dreams come true.

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Inspirational Bible scripture; the most inspirational Bible scriptures.

Use inspirational Bible scripture to build your faith and create the life of your dreams; the life of the

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Professional Photographer

I want to achieve a long time Goal of starting and maintaining a professional photography studio. where my husband can also do his graphic design and have

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Spiritual Energy

I have been reading "One Month to Live: Thirty Days To A No-Regrets Life" by Kerry and Chris Shook. I felt very challenged when I read "some people talk about spiritual growth...but to gain the power to change, what we need to seek is not spiritual growth but spiritual health." This couple believe the key to spiritual health lies in nurturing a strong relationship with our Creator: "If you are connected to your Creator, you will grow like you've never grown before, and you'll experience real power to make lasting changes."

There it was! Just what I was looking for, "lasting changes". I realize now that I have been trying to overcome bad habits, make positive life changes and all with my own willpower. The Shooks challenge that "we have to move from willpower to real power that comes from a connection to our Creator."

Quote of the Blog

"Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me---watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace" (Jesus Christ, Matthew 11:28 - 29, MSG).

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To live in the countryside of Italy!

I don't know how, but I would love it if, 3 to 6 months out of year, my family and I could live in Tuscany or Florence, Italy. To live simply, enjoying

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A Parisian Adventure

This is a dream I started at 15 years old and fell in love with all things - Paris, France. Even though I do not think much about this old dream anymore;

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Self-Improvement Quotes to inspire your success today!

Self-improvement quotes to change your perception of your life and create a success mentality.

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Difference Between Goals and Objectives

The difference between goals and objectives is explored and defined.

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Why is Goal Setting Important - Goal Setting Defined

Ever wonder, why is goal setting important in achieving success? Learn how goal-setting works and can help you create the life of your dreams.

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Your Personal Goal Setting Tool Box

Here is your personal goal setting tool box for: personal goal setting, achieving goals, and goals planning.

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Inspirational Real Life Story On Learning to Speak Another Language

An inspirational real life story about asking for what you want to support your dreams... During a career change in my early thirties, I realized I needed

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Inspirational Weight Loss Story

The inspirational weight loss story of The Biggest Loser 2008 - Michelle Aguilar... As a startling chill descended upon my home, I began making preparations

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Education Inspirational Story

Sometimes in the beginning, a dream may be just a small stirring, a faint idea. The thought will come to mind again and again, always seemingly impossible.

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Goal Setting Strategies

Goal setting strategies are indispensabile for making your dreams come true!

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Why I Do What I Do -The Mindset of the Entrepreneur

Ken Evoy, creator of SBI, has had this to say about the "Entrepreneur Mindset"

"I had an interesting conversation with a Montreal real estate developer the other day. She wanted to start a site that would make her company the

'Montreal real estate development' epicenter, connecting international investors with local developers.

Ken thought "Great idea. Tight niche. Winnable. High ROI monetization models."

Here is how their conversation went according to Ken:

"So Ken, how long would it take?"

"About 3 months to start seeing some traffic, 6 months to be growing solidly, and you'd be well known in a year. Two years? You'd own it."

Her reply?

That long?

"Well, maybe faster if you put 20 hours per week into it, but let me ask you something. The last development you did...

How much money did you make while looking for a property, finding it, optioning it, clearing all the legals, and then closing on it?"

She answered... "Nothing, of course."

"Cost you time and money, right?" And how much did you make when you broke ground and dug the hole?

"And did you make a lot while pouring cement and building the structure?"

"And how much money did you make while doing all the finishing work?"

"How about while advertising and promoting, yet all you could collect was deposits?"

She answered, laughing...

"OK, OK, OK... I get it. Actually, we're 3 years in and we're finally at break-even, Ken. And when we sell the final units, we make our money."

I replied, "Yes, but then you have to start all over, with no more money to be made from that development. Your Web site, however, will keep on earning and growing and earning some more."


The moral? - This is a highly intelligent, motivated, hard-working woman. And we are 10 years into e-commerce now. But somehow...

Most folks still don't quite understand...

The Internet does not suspend the laws of gravity or of business.

It takes time and energy to build a business. You must invest sweat equity, like any business, to grow something of value that will pay you back many times over.

Unlike that real estate development however, you never run out of "units" to sell after you have built a high-performance C Image T Image P Image engine. All you have to do is plug in a variety of Monetization models to harness an ongoing, evergrowing business.

It takes an entrepreneur's mindset to get over the hump stage.

But you will get there. --by Ken Evoy

This is why I continue to build the

This is why I continue to learn and write and build pages and write blogs. And every month the number of visitors I have visit the site increases. EVERY month.

Click below to learn what SBI is all about.

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Books on Goal Setting: The best self help books available.

Books on goal setting available on-line or in stores with links, publishing information, summaries and author information readily available on this page.

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Goal setting worksheets to cover every aspect for a goal setting program.

Goal setting worksheets to help you form a clear picture of how you can make your dreams come true with a goal setting program.

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Money Goals That Are Achievable

Money goals to create a secure financial future. Enjoy financial freedom by setting long and short term goals. Plan to live the life of your dreams.

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Printable Gifts - Instantly Download My Dream Book: A Journal

Printable gifts offer a downloadable eBook that can be personalized and encourages identification and exploration of life goals. The perfect one-year anniversary gift idea.

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Advantages of Goal Setting

The advantages of goal setting are impressive and will make a believer out of you in the goal-setting process. Plan to achieve your dreams and you will!

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Who I Am

I Know Who I Am! Okay, well now that I have your attention, I almost know Who I Am. I know who I am not at least.

I am not my behavior and neither are you!

To get philosophical for a moment:

  • I am a Spirit; of that I am sure.

  • I believe my consciousness is not confined to this human body and I believe it will live on as some type of energy source when this body dies.

  • I am a Spirit that is connected to a Higher Source and other human spirits, somehow. I mean, think about all the times I was thinking about someone and they called or I just went on my gut-instinct when driving and just found my way. It's like this connection to the Source is available if I just tap into it. I call it prayer and being led by the Holy Spirit. I am a Christian, that is my language but others experience these "psychic" moments, if you will, as well and in fact, all over the world.

  • I am a creation and I believe I was created by a Creator

  • I have the power to create, I am a creator of sorts too. I was after all, created in the image of the Creator according to sacred Hebrew texts.

  • I am as powerful as I allow myself to be! I can make choices that affect my life for the better, or the worst. And I can change my life in this very instant by allowing just one ray of hope to penetrate my heart and mind.

Today I choose who I will be, who I am in a sense. And today, I choose to love, to create love and so Who Am I? I am a channel of Love, a connection to the Source of Love Itself and a bright light unto myself and others. This is the choice I make today.

Who Am I?

I am loved...

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Prayer for peace of mind can be found when you need it most.

This page on prayer for peace of mind is based on scripture and every subject of your daily life is addressed.

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Who Are You?

I was recently asked to write about myself without using either other people or my achievements to describe myself.

I find the exercise quite challenging. I mean, without describing what I do or my relationship to someone, who am I?

I immediately thought about my feelings: I feel alone, I feel different, I feel strongly, I feel passionately so forth and so on. I mean, I KNOW I am a being. I know that "I am" but other than that?

So this is what I ponder today. Who am I?...

Quote of the Blog:
Man - a being in search of meaning. --Plato

From the QuoteGarden

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Tips on Setting Goals - 10 Goal Setting Steps to Help You Realize Your Dreams

Tips on setting goals to make achieving goals simple. Our tips for setting goals take the guess-work out of attaining your dreams.

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Online Dream Book - The Dream Box

Connect with other dreamers at The Dream Box, an online dream book for sharing dreams and aspirations and recording milestones reached. Start your own bucket list. Dare to make your dreams a reality!

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Setting personal goals is the beginning point for creating a life of success.

Setting personal goals is the beginning point for creating a life of success.

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The Girl Staring Out the Window

Ever find yourself running around like a chicken with its head cut off?

I think I have lived most of my life like this.

In the beginning it was due to tragedy. My world felt destroyed at nine years old when my Dad died. Other events took place and within a few years time, I became preoccupied with sadness and depression. I felt alone and hopeless, flawed somehow.

I lost almost all confidence in myself.

Then I seemed to check out for a while. I remember once coming out of a trance-like stare to find my high school English teacher standing in front of my desk. I don't know how long she had been there, speaking my name loudly to get my attention.

I had a reputation for being the girl "staring out the window" so to speak.

As I grew older I felt like I was waking up more and more. I felt aware of my surroundings and more in touch with reality. I learned time management skills and read books on organization. I read one self-help book after another. I went to years of counseling. I finished degrees and took extra classes. I ran around trying to keep up with my to-do list, be "super mom" and have worked to salvage a wounded career.

I looked for love but either pushed it away or mine was rejected. I expended a lot of energy becoming an over-achiever and a people-pleaser. And eventually, for some reason not even I really understand, I wrote a book.

A book about lifelong dreams; about dreaming and creating the life of those dreams.

Not even I know for sure if this can be done. But I do know this; I can dream about it!

Guess I'm still the girl staring out the window.

Only now, I do it on purpose...

Quote of the Blog

All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.
--T. E. Lawrence

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Financial Goal Setting Tips to Help You Reach Your Dreams

Financial goal setting will help you finish rich! You CAN meet your financial goals.

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