Dream Interpretation

Use Dream Interpretation to Reveal the Life You are Destined to Live

Regarding dream interpretation, Carl Jung the Swiss psychiatrist and influential thinker said "We have forgotten the age-old fact that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions.

Could tapping into the wisdom of your night dreams provide the solutions you need to fulfill your real-life dreams? We think it is possible.

For thousands of years, dreams and visions have been used as guides for making important life decisions.

In many sacred texts, including the Torah and the Holy Bible, dreams and visions were used to guide people to make important life decisions, following their destinies.

Learning to understand our dreams can be a dream come true within itself. Best-selling author David Lohff believes that the soul tenaciously and wisely constructs dreams to guide us to a life of greater achievement.

It is a strong possibility that our subconscious minds use dreams to point the way to our life's intended path.

In his book, "Dream coaching: Achieve the life you were meant to lead by understanding your dreams", he explains how to engage in the dream/soul dialogue to change your life. Lohff combines dream analysis with psychology to explore what he calls the ancient science of the soul.

Visit his website to learn more about dream analysis and how gaining that understanding can help you achieve your lifelong dreams.

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