The Difference Between Goals
and Objectives Defined

What is the difference between goals and objectives?

Imagine a beautiful hand-crafted necklace. The difference between a beaded necklace and its individual beads is like the difference between goals and objectives.

A complete, whole necklace is the goal in jewelry-making. The beads being strung, one-by-one, are the objectives. The goal is what you are striving to reach. Your objectives are the steps that you will take to reach your goal.

The Importance of Objectives

Objectives are crucial to attaining our goals. They are the instructions we will write and follow; certain tasks, either mental or physical, that we will accomplish on the way to realizing our dreams.

By definition goal setting includes objectives which form to create the plan behind each success.

Using objectives makes attaining our goals plausible, doable and attainable. When we break down achieving our dreams into small steps, we build our confidence in our ability to complete the journey we've begun.

Setting Objectives

Think of objectives as shooting arrows aimed at your target. Brainstorm ideas regarding what it will require to reach your goals using specific tasks and write your objectives in small, attainable steps. This will help minimize the anxiety you may feel about reaching a goal that is challenging to visualize as reality in your mind.

Be specific when you begin forming your objectives.

Write details down and then arrange them in sequence using our goal-setting forms. Allow time for planning and trust your creative process to help you as you go along. You may not have any idea when you first sit down what your plan will entail. As you begin the process, it will all fall into place. At a later time you will revise, make additions and even change your order of events. This plan will evolve at your begin to work it and move toward reaching your goal.

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