Developing Self Awareness

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Developing Self Awareness

Developing self awareness is an important process in your personal development. Self-discovery is becoming conscious of your behaviors, your thought patterns and your belief systems. Personal understanding is important when pursuing the fulfillment of your dreams. Without that comprehension, identifying your dreams is challenging. Part of the excitement of true dream realization is knowing who you are, your purpose and experiencing the unfolding of your destiny and contribution to this world.

Personal Enlightenment

Experiencing awareness of your spiritual being versus your physical being and how these two are linked is an enlightening experience. When we step back from our subjective view and choose to embrace an objective view of life, a new level of knowledge is born. Basically, for a moment we rise above the mundane of daily life and take a look at the big picture and where we fit in.

Dare to Be Painfully Honest With Yourself

Becoming self-aware can be a frightening process as we are challenged to look realistically at both our negative and positive characteristics. Without personal awareness, we are unable to see those changes needed to make our dreams come true. Otherwise, denial can rob us from seeing the unconscious obstacles standing in our way.

Initial Steps to Self-Understanding

  • Examine the conflicts in your life
  • Explore your feelings behind those conflicts
  • Journal the behaviors that result from your feelings
  • Focus on your own behaviors and not those of others

Until we take our focus off of those around us and their troubling behaviors and recognize our own, we will remain stuck in an unaware state rather than a state of self awareness.

Developing Self Awareness

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