Communicating with God

What Is Communicating with God?

Engaging in Constant Conversation. Sharing your heart with respectful honesty is an approach to communicating with God.

As Leanne Payne wrote in her great book, it is "Practicing the Presence".

Beginning your day with "Good Morning Lord" begins your day with an acknowledgment of the existence of the Creator.

We believe we are heard and can hear the Voice. Conversing with God has been a part of our lives as long as we can remember.

While aware that there are different theologies and approaches to God, we would like to share with you from our experience in hope that you will find encouragement and inspiration in your own relationship with the Higher Power.

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We see a strong connection between living the life of your dreams and your faith or spirituality.

Our dreams sprang from our faith and belief in what we could not see. To envision those dreams real before we even see any evidence of their existence is to believe in a Power greater than ourselves.

We believe all dreams come from a Divine Source and that the Creator and originator of those dreams is God, the great Dreamer, the Creator who saw dreams become reality in us:

"Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness..." (from Genesis 1:26)
. We encourage you to find true dream fulfillment by acknowledging and nurturing a personal relationship with the Creator

Our experience could be described as practicing the Presence of God: we pray, worship, give thanks and believe the Power of the Holy Spirit lives within us and empowers us. We respect and pattern our lives after the teachings of Jesus as the absolute truth, whom we believe came to show us the WAY to the the great I AM, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

We realize that many of you reading this page may come from diverse backgrounds. We may not embrace the same beliefs as you or some of the resources we provide for you to explore, but we respect and believe all truth comes from God and encourage you to pray in whatever way you are comfortable and know that when you seek, you will find!

Here is a prayer for you our visitor:

Lord, we ask and believe that every person who visits this page will be blessed with the knowledge You desire for them to acquire about communicating with God. Grant them new insights, new spiritual revelations and lead them into all Truth. Bless them abundantly with spiritual riches beyond their wildest dreams.

In the name of our Lord, Amen.

Prayers for Peace of Mind

Here are some top-ranking websites from different theological and religious perspectives which teach about and offer vast resources on the subject of prayer and communicating with God.

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