Career Goal Setting: Begin Your Career Search

Career Goal Setting: Become a CareerBuilder

Too busy to do a career search or set career goals? Learn why it might be a better use of your time than working late again. Heading in the direction of your dreams may take you to an unexpected vocation that will be fulfilling and rewarding. Working in a field that is interesting to you is an important part of the process in your career search. Put procrastination behind you and begin your career goal setting today.

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The biggest mistake people make in life is NOT making a living at doing what they most enjoy.
--Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990)

Begin with these simple steps in goal setting. When career goal setting, you should include these steps:

1. Identify your goal and commit it to paper

2. Determine a time frame for completing your goal

3. List the steps or objectives needed to achieve the goal

4. Identify who and/or what you will need to work with to reach your goal

5. List the skills and knowledge required to reach your goal

6. Write down the steps you will follow

Goal setting won't be an arduous, tedious task; something that you do because you "should". Instead it can be an energizing break from the daily grind. A time when you have an opportunity to reflect on the life you want to create for yourself. Having a set of career goals will help you determine your priorities even affecting what you do on a daily basis. Eventually your sense of accomplishment will be a bonus reward in addition to the results you achieve from reaching your goals themselves.

Career Goal Setting

Do you wake up looking forward to going to your job? Do you wish your work was fulfilling and enhanced your quality of life? Maybe it's time to go on a serious profession search...

Time for a Career Inventory?

If you answered the opening question with a “no,” you probably wonder if staying with a job that is neither rewarding nor satisfying is really what you want to do and yet you may feel and think that you are stuck.

Beginning a career search can be overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. Start with a personality quiz. Take some time to really get to know yourself. Working in a job you dislike or find boring may be a waste of time, YOUR time. One day in hindsight, you might even say a waste of your life.

You will have more occupation success if you identify and work to achieve your career dreams. Think of all the time you'll spend working, in fact most of us spend 40 to 60 hours a week at the workplace. Our jobs are demanding it or we need extra hours to make a living. So basically, you could easily spend almost half of your life on the job. Taking a few hours each week to become a careerbuilder, ensuring your career success seems a worthy endeavor and ultimate time-saver.

Do What You Love?

People are much more inclined to make good money working in a field that they really enjoy, and ultimately they have more financial success. And perhaps even more importantly, career satisfaction affects your health, not to mention your overall happiness and quality of life.

Not knowing what job or career you desire just means you need to explore this area. For example, using free career tests or investing in a career assessment can give you a starting point toward discovering your career dreams. Get to know yourself like you never have before. We believe you CAN become a careerbuilder instead of a career-by-chancer.

In order to make a change, you have to see yourself doing it and tell yourself it is possible. Resources like can offer new insights into your established career perceptions and supply a variety of services, some of which are free. Click on all of their tabs to get the full picture of what they have to offer you regarding free information and/or services. We appreciate their honest approach and helpful information. It appears that they strive to provide affordable, genuine help.

Where Do I Start Career Goal Setting?

The first place to start when pondering the career direction your life should take is with you. Getting to know yourself, your passions, your strengths and your weaknesses is essential.

Try to put all thoughts you've had about what your career SHOULD be behind you for now.

There are some simple exercises that can help you get in touch with who you really are and what you really want.

Ask yourself in which key moments of your life have you felt joy, purpose, fulfillment or enthusiasm. I know this isn't an easy question. We actually did this and were stumped at first. However, we stuck with it and the results were amazing.

Begin to brainstorm from your childhood to the present time and think of at least three events in your life that fit the above criteria. Get a spiral of notebook paper or use our online e-book journal which can help walk you through this process.

Write these moments down as best you can and begin to look beyond the specific details of each event. What was really going on with you at those times? Were you challenged to do something new, helping someone in need, expressing yourself in a creative manner or connecting to your Higher Power?

Allow yourself to brainstorm by writing freely whatever comes to mind - even if it doesn't make sense at first. See where this process takes you and look for the real purpose for your life in your writings. The answer is within you, THAT we know.

For us, inspiring people to hope, dream and find their passion for living in a creative manner brings us excitement, fulfillment and joy.

Explore the motivations that drive your life. Understanding this about yourself can change the direction of your life, allowing you to set a new course, ultimately reaching your destined destination (dare I say destiny?).

There are unlimited resources, education, and training to help you achieve your career dreams. But none of these things will matter if you’ve made up your mind that good things like this just don't happen to you. And if you have been telling yourself you are stuck in a dead-end job and a dead-end way of life. Maybe you're afraid to make of a change. Sometimes we're afraid to risk moving toward our dream because if it all fell apart, that failure could be unbearable.

If you've felt lost about pursuing a new direction due to reasons like lack of education, advancing age or a poor track record, exploring who you are and discovering your individual life purpose is the place to start.

Be open-minded. You may have thought you wanted to be a rock star, but you may find that the reason or purpose behind that desire doesn't really require stardom and a life on the road. Understanding your driving purpose can help clarify your dreams or help you uncover a misguided motivation that's keeping you stuck in a career you don't love.

Surviving Job Loss

Do you need to start a job search asap? Have you lost your job? Visit a website offering expert advice on surviving job loss and finding a new work opportunity.

Allow yourself to dream, to investigate the resources we suggest and beyond.

Begin a journey towards your dreams of fulfillment and career success.

Looking For the Perfect Career

Featured at a great website to explore your passions in life is information for a career search in the arts.

At you can type in "how to become an artist" and you will find articles and lots of links to more valuable information about a particular subject. If you already know what you want to do, take a few moments and begin the research process. Bookmark the sites that you find helpful and put them into a folder in your bookmarks or favorites section. You can print them out later, put them into a binder and eventually make a plan to move towards achieving your goals.

eHow: How to do just about anything

At John Mark Ministries' website, formerly with World Vision (a Christian writer but non-Christians should find it equally interesting and applicable) comes a very interesting and informative article about the reasons and motivations to consider when choosing a career.
Career Search Article: Can You Do What You Love?

Career Search and More! Follow this expert advice...

Take a free personality test to begin exploring who you are.

Free Personality Quiz

Do your career goals include dreams of becoming a writer?

Almost everyone has something they know a lot about, are interested in and about which they can write.

A career search can be time consuming without Divine guidance. Your career choice is dependent upon who you are, not just what job you think would be the most lucrative. To truly experience the enthusiasm of a passionate career, a sense of purpose needs to be found within yourself for that field.

How to become an author

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