Advantages of Goal Setting

Goals Planning Can Help You Reach Your Dreams

"Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement." -- Brian Tracy

Advantages of Goal Setting Introduction

There is nothing as sensible as goal planning, something thought

about and chalked out in advance before the real action takes place-- and is actually a recipe for success.

How many of us really resort to planning before we start a course of action? No, I’m not referring to a mental image that we create in our minds which at best can only be vague. I mean a real plan in black and white, put down on paper.

Goal Setting Advantages

Advantages of Goal Setting include having a written plan. Please do not underestimate the importance of the written plan. It is just one advantage of goal setting. Writing things down clears up the hazy areas of our dreams and opens possibilities that we probably never entertained.

With a written plan we can estimate how much time a course of action will require. There is a strong relation between time management and planning-- and planning is as basic to time management as being organized and setting priorities.

The advantages of goal setting include:

  • Planning helps us brainstorm about the course of action we need to take.

  • Fine tunes the course of action that we propose to undertake.

  • Offers a rough estimate of the time required for a project.

  • Gives us a fairly good idea about the expenses involved in the project. A budget is in fact, a plan. You've heard of a financial plan I'm sure.

  • Prepares us for emergencies that may arise during the course of the project.

  • Reveals a clear direction about what is to be done every day, every week and every month.
  • Planning helps avoid duplication of labor.

  • If a plan is followed, every one will have a clear idea about his or her role.

  • A point that I would like to add while we are talking about planning is, we should have both short term plans as well as long term strategy plans. At the same time we should also try to draft out plans to deal with a crisis should it arise while trying to meet our goals.

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