Rovia Commissions Update!

I recently received a letter as a WorldVentures team member. WorldVentures is an amazing company based in Plano, TX. Here's a recap of the letter and a little peek into the biz.

Dear Rovia Team,

It was great seeing so many of you at the National Convention. Exciting things are happening at Rovia and I hope you are able to get in on the exciting opportunities taking place. One thing Rob and I (Mike) didn't discuss in our presentation was the massive amount of money we are THRILLED to pay. These are the checks we love to sign. See, if you are earning money (and many of you are) then we are earning money too!

Since the launch of Rovia last Fall, tons of checks have been sent out, totaling thousands of dollars, and we have just gotten started!! Don't forget that travel commissions can add up quickly! All of the bookings are visible on your LTC back office.

Did You Know?

The average household spends $3,700 per year for travel!

Yes, the average household spends $3,700 per year in travel, if you are able to recruit 100 customers in your first year, and they buy all of their travel through your Rovia site, you would have $370,000 in sales.

  • At a 10% commission this would earn $37,000
  • as an LTC your share would be 50% or $18,500
  • Add another 100 the following year, and you can see how this compounds
  • With the Rovia Preferred Customer program, customers would be foolish to buy anywhere else.

    Do you hand out your card and tell potential travelers that you have a website with great travel deals?

    Have you asked your family and friends to use your website for searching when planning their next vacation?

    Your website offers great prices and access to deals that other websites do not offer.

    Let the skilled agents at close the sale for you!

    Remember to hand out your business cards...


    Mike Putman &

    Rob Baker

    PS - Log into your back office to see the LTC Annual Conference promotional video that was just posted. You can sign up for this and the Seminar at Sea that we will be hosting immediately following the Conference (space is limited).

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