My Personal Spiritual Experiences

I will live the life of my dreams; being thankful for every experience along the way, staying full of hope and faith, expecting something good to happen out of every situation, and inspiring others along my journey that they, too, can find their passion and live life to the fullest, giving God the freedom to create, encourage and help others through me!-- Motto: Mashelle Hudspeth James

Mashelle is the co-owner of the One Stop Dream Shop LLC, a business she started with her aunt, Lisa Boyd, as a vehicle to inspire and encourage others.

Our dream is to help people find their passion for living and to live the life of their dreams. The One Stop Dream Shop is an on-line resource for edification, education and motivational products designed to empower people in enriching their lives through personal development.

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Mashelle is a wife and mother who has home-schooled for more than ten years. Before that, she was a working mom who managed a recording studio, worked in television production, marketing and sales for thirteen years. She developed a love for holistic health after nurturing her husband through an eleven year illness of which he is now well! Out of many personal struggles, she came to realize that life was meant to be lived with passion and not just "getting by". Mashelle has spent years extensively reading and researching personal development and spiritual growth.

Our Personal Statement

Lisa and Mashelle both believe everyone has a creative genius within which needs to express its creativity. The world needs that Creator-given talent each individual possesses.

The mission of The One Stop Dream Shop is to inspire people to find their passion for living and to live the life of their dreams.

I have known Mashelle James all of her life and have experienced what a very special spiritual connection she has. Her level of faith impresses me as she often hears spiritual messages in her communication with God. Having an amazing gift of exhortation, she consistently provides a solid source of encouragement to her other friends and me. The thing that amazes me about her is how she guards herself against contempt and resentment and finds an attitude of gratitude in the midst of challenge.

I've asked Mashelle to share here on our website about her personal experiences over the years in her communication with God.

--Lisa Boyd

I guess as far back as I can remember, I have always been aware of God as a loving, great Presence around me - hovering over me throughout my childhood, and becoming a real relationship in my teens. I did not have the perfect childhood, as most of you can relate (who did?). I had moments of great sadness and anguish and it was in those times I would steal away alone to talk to God.

I've had angry moments with God (why did this happen? where were You when...? Why didn't You stop that...?) Now, I have settled into a secure relationship with God within my inner self - no longer just a hovering presence but a real person living on the inside of me, WITH me yet still separate from me.

One day I realized how privileged I was to even be able to have this relationship and it became more precious to me than anyone or anything else in my life.

I cannot go through my day without acknowledging God's presence and being so thankful for EVERYTHING in my life. I share everything with God - all the good, the bad, the challenges, and the excitement. I truly believe, to live apart from this God relationship is to choose a soulish and spiritual death. To nurture and develop this relationship brings great life inside and out.

You cannot know and be known without this relationship - all things pale in comparison. If you have not experienced this, I encourage you to begin to talk to God right now, where you are, also realizing you are three very distinct parts: body, soul (feelings and mind) and spirit.

Many people nurture and develop the first two, but barely give a passing thought to their spirits. God created you - wants relationship with you. Begin opening your mind to God today.

It's the only way to really find your passion for living

and live the life you were meant to live.

--Mashelle Hudspeth James

Communicating with God

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Communicating with God

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