Wish Life Was Amazing? Live Your Dreams Using Personal Goal Setting!

"Goal setting is the core of existence that defines life." -- Joanne Bonomi

Are You Living the Life of Your Dreams?

Do You Find Joy and Purpose In Your Daily Life? Do You Want to Change Your Life but Don't Know Where to Start? Find the Simple Yet Powerful Tools You Need to Change Your Life and Achieve Your Dreams!

Personal goal setting, supported with positive thinking, faith and love, is the means by which The One Stop Dream Shop helps you achieve the life of your dreams.

The One Stop Dream Shop is home for the new self-discovery journal, My Dreambook: Journal to Discover Your Destiny, helping you discover your passion for living and on our website by giving you all the personal goal setting tools you need for achieving your goals.

alt textHoping and believing in your aspirations is energizing, bringing to life the magic you once experienced in childhood. Regardless of the hours spent imagining a more rewarding lifestyle we sadly tend to ignore our longings, even the small ones. As a result, we do nothing except tuck them away in our hearts to quietly die; but it doesn't have to be this way. Goal setting can change the course of our lives from "Failureville" to "SuccessCity".

Requirements for Success

Identifying our passions and desires then implementing goal-setting in our lives sets us on the road to success. This starts with setting and achieving goals: writing goals down using our online goal-setting forms and creating a step by step plan reaching those goals.

Find Your Passion for Living Here at the One Stop Dream Shop and Live the Life of Your Dreams! Use Goal Setting to chart your course.

alt text

Do you have the same passion for living that you once held as a child? What would you like your life to look like in five years? Have you given much thought or spent quality time working on your own self-development?

We challenge you to explore the answers to these questions and implore you to live life at your fullest potential.

One of our aspirations is to provide the goal-setting resources needed to help you investigate your interests and find your passion for living by setting personal goals that are attainable.

Through the discovery and exploration of both your great and small ambitions, this fun-filled venture will impact your life today and change your tomorrow. It definitely changed ours.

Research those interesting topics which appeal to you most: from your dream car to your dream career, and start goal-setting today.

  • Find helpful information and site links to well-known professionals in the field of success and goal-setting

  • Visit The Dream Box to see other people's wish lists and track their progress

  • Enjoy our short blogs created to inspire and motivate you along your journey

  • Read real-life inspirational stories of real people's success

  • Download our new note-book sized journal CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE My Dream Book: Journal to Discover Your Destiny, an elegant, self-help guide to identify and record your lifelong wishes and goals. It makes the perfect college or high school graduation gift

  • The list in the right column highlights the most common areas in which people have the opportunity to daydream. Click on each to arrive at the informational page it represents.

    Each category has its a dedicated page with personal development articles, information, a few products and resources for further exploration!

    Use the tools and information we provide to explore who you are and find your life's purpose. Gift yourself with a renewed enjoyment and enthusiasm for living

    We invite you to enter the One-Stop-Dream-Shop
    and Find Your Passion For Living.

    Join us as we follow the path to discover our passion for living and live the life of our dreams!
    Printable Gifts - Instantly Download My Dream Book: A Journal
    Printable gifts offer a downloadable eBook that can be personalized and encourages identification and exploration of life goals. The perfect one-year anniversary gift idea.
    Online Dream Book - The Dream Box
    Connect with other dreamers at The Dream Box, an online dream book for sharing dreams and aspirations and recording milestones reached. Start your own bucket list. Dare to make your dreams a reality!
    Inspirational Stories: Real People - Real Dreams - Real Success!
    Motivating, inspirational stories from real people who triumphed over adverse circumstances, obtaining success.
    Self Improvement Ideas to encourage and suggest changes to revolutionize your li
    Self Improvement Ideas with new approaches to make changes to revolutionize your life.
    Goal Setting Strategies
    Goal setting strategies are indispensabile for making your dreams come true!
    Financial Goal Setting Tips to Help You Reach Your Dreams
    Financial goal setting will help you finish rich! You CAN meet your financial goals.
    Self-Improvement Quotes to inspire your success today!
    Self-improvement quotes to change your perception of your life and create a success mentality.
    Communicating with God. We believe all dreams come from a Divine Source.
    Communicating with God is possible and empowering. These prayers and affirmations can help connect with a power greater than ourselves and release the Divine faith and power within.
    Books on Goal Setting: The best self help books available.
    Books on goal setting available on-line or in stores with links, publishing information, summaries and author information readily available on this page.
    Use Dream interpretation to unlock your soul's wisdom
    Dream interpretation to unlock your soul's wisdom. Achieve the life you were destined to live.
    How to find true love. Find or rediscover the love you want and need.
    How to find true love; know when you are ready to find love and how to attract a love relationship of your dreams
    Dream houses, house plans and the design dream house of your own.
    Make your dream house a reality. It begins with the dream, so use these resources to fiind your house plans and design your dream home.
    Build your dream car online using our information, resources and links.
    Build your dream car online using our information, resources and links.
    Find discount travel packages and be your own online travel agent.
    Make your travel dreams come true! Find discount travel packages. Be your own online travel agent and best travel deals through affordable travel clubs and memberships.
    The top hobbies that people dream of and how to make those dreams come true
    Explore the top hobbies that people dream of and how to make those dreams come true
    Career Goal Setting: become a careerbuilder and live your career dreams
    Career goal setting. Become a careerbuilder. A successful career search begins with you - Find career success by identifying and embracing your life's purpose.
    Goal setting for weightloss to insure your success.
    Goal setting for weightloss is the magic you need to begin losing weight, getting fit and achieving your dream body.
    Explore the secrets to longevity and enjoy your golden years
    Explore the secrets to longevity and enjoy your golden years healthy, wealthy and wise!
    I Dreamed a Dream: Our Personal Statements About Our Lifelong Dreams
    I Dreamed a Dream: Read our personal statements discussing our common lifelong dreams and our passion for living - More than just a bucket list.
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